Colossians 3:18

Wives (kai gunaike). The article here distinguishes class from class and with the vocative case can be best rendered "Ye wives." So with each group. Be in subjection to your husbands (upotassesqe toi andrasin). "Own" (idioi) is genuine in Ephesians 5:22 , but not here. The verb upotassomai has a military air, common in the Koin for such obedience. Obedience in government is essential as the same word shows in Romans 13:1 Romans 13:5 . As is fitting in the Lord (w anhken en Kuriwi). This is an idiomatic use of the imperfect indicative with verbs of propriety in present time (Robertson, Grammar, p. 919). Wives have rights and privileges, but recognition of the husband's leadership is essential to a well-ordered home, only the assumption is that the husband has a head and a wise one.