Colossians 4:11

Jesus which is called Justus (Ihsou o legomeno Iousto). Another illustration of the frequency of the name Jesus (Joshua). The surname Justus is the Latin Justus for the Greek Dikaio and the Hebrew Zadok and very common as a surname among the Jews. The name appears for two others in the N.T. ( Acts 1:23 ; Acts 18:7 ). Who are of the circumcision (oi onte ek peritomh). Jewish Christians certainly, but not necessarily Judaizers like those so termed in Acts 11:3 (oi ek peritomh. Cf. Ac 35:1,5). These only (outoi monoi). "Of the circumcision" (Jews) he means. A comfort unto me (moi parhgoria). Ethical dative of personal interest. Parhgoria is an old word (here only in N.T.) from parhgorew, to make an address) and means solace, relief. A medical term. Curiously enough our word paregoric comes from it (parhgoriko).