Ephesians 1:10

Unto a dispensation of the fulness of the times (ei oikonomian tou plhrwmato twn kairwn). See Colossians 1:25 for oikonomian. In Galatians 4:4 "the fulness of the time" (to plhrwma tou cronou) the time before Christ is treated as a unit, here as a series of epochs (kairwn). Cf. Mark 1:15 ; Hebrews 1:1 . On plhrwma see also Romans 11:26 ; Ephesians 3:19 ; Ephesians 4:13 . To sum up (anakepalaiwsasqai). Purpose clause (amounting to result) with first aorist middle infinitive of anakepalaiow, late compound verb ana and kepalaiow (from kepalaion, Hebrews 8:1 , and that from kepalh, head), to head up all things in Christ, a literary word. In N.T. only here and Romans 13:9 . For the headship of Christ in nature and grace see Colossians 1:15-20 .