Ephesians 1:13

Ye also (kai umei). Ye Gentiles (now Christians), in contrast to hma (we) in Acts 12 . In whom (en wi). Repeated third time (once in verse Acts 11 , twice in Acts 13 ), and note o or o in Acts 14 . Ye were sealed (espragisqhte). First aorist passive indicative of spragizw, old verb, to set a seal on one as a mark or stamp, sometimes the marks of ownership or of worship of deities like stigmata ( Galatians 6:17 ). Marked and authenticated as God's heritage as in Galatians 4:30 . See 2 Corinthians 1:22 for the very use of the metaphor here applied to the Holy Spirit even with the word arrabwn (earnest). Spirit (pneumati). In the instrumental case.