Ephesians 2:11

Wherefore (dio). This conjunction applies to the Gentile Christians the arguments in Romans 2:1-10 . That aforetime ye (oti pote umei). No verb is expressed, but in verse Romans 12 Paul repeats oti en twi kairwi ekeinwi (for pote) "that at that time" and inserts hte (ye were). Uncircumcision (akrobustia), circumcision (peritomh). The abstract words are used to describe Gentiles and Jews as in Galatians 5:6 ; Romans 2:27 . Made by hands (ceiropoihtou). Agreeing with peritomh. Verbal ( Mark 14:58 ) from ceiropoiew like aceiropoihto in Colossians 2:11 .