Ephesians 2:19

So then (ara oun). Two inferential particles (accordingly therefore). No more (ouketi). No longer. Sojourners (paroikoi). Old word for dweller by (near by, but not in). So Acts 7:6 Acts 7:29 ; 1 Peter 2:11 (only other N.T. examples). Dwellers just outside the house or family of God. Fellow-citizens (sunpolitai, old, but rare word, here only in N.T.), members now of the politeia of Israel (verse 1 Peter 12 ), the opposite of xenoi kai paroikoi. Of the household of God (oikeioi tou qeou). Old word from oiko (house, household), but in N.T. only here, Galatians 6:10 ; 1 Timothy 5:8 . Gentiles now in the family of God ( Romans 8:29 ).