Ephesians 4:16

From which (ex ou). Out of which as the source of energy and direction. Fitly framed (sunarmologoumenon). See Ephesians 2:21 for this verb. Through that which every joint supplieth (dia pash aph th epicorhgia). Literally, "through every joint of the supply." See Colossians 2:19 for aph and Philippians 1:19 for the late word epicorhgia (only two examples in N.T.) from epicorhgew, to supply ( Colossians 2:19 ). In due measure (en metrwi). Just "in measure" in the Greek, but the assumption is that each part of the body functions properly in its own sphere. Unto the building up of itself (ei oikodomhn eautou). Modern knowledge of cell life in the human body greatly strengthens the force of Paul's metaphor. This is the way the body grows by cooperation under the control of the head and all "in love" (en agaph).