Ephesians 5:4

Filthiness (aiscroth). Old word from aiscro (base), here alone in N.T. Foolish talking (mwrologia). Late word from mwrologo (mwro, logo), only here in N.T. Jesting (eutrapelia). Old word from eutrapelo (eu, trepw, to turn) nimbleness of wit, quickness in making repartee (so in Plato and Plutarch), but in low sense as here ribaldry, scurrility, only here in N.T. All of these disapproved vices are apax legomena in the N.T. Which are not befitting (a ouk anhken). Same idiom (imperfect with word of propriety about the present) in Colossians 3:18 . Late MSS. read ta ouk anhkonta like ta mh kaqhkonta in Romans 1:28 .