Galatians 1:13

My manner of life (thn emhn anastrophn). Late word in this sense from Polybius on from anastrepomai. In the older writers it meant literally "return" or "turning back." See 1 Peter 1:15 . It is absent in this sense in the papyri though the verb is common. In the Jews' religion (en twi Ioudaismwi). "In Judaism." The word in N.T. only here and next verse, already in II Macc. 2:21; 8:1; 14:38; IV Macc. 4:26. In these passages it means the Jewish religion as opposed to the Hellenism that the Syrian Kings were imposing upon the Jews. So later Justin Martyr (386 D) will use Cristianismo for Christianity. Both words are made from verbs in -izw. Beyond measure (kaq uperbolhn). "According to excess" (throwing beyond, uperbolh). I persecuted (ediwkon). Imperfect active, "I used to persecute" (see Ac 7-9 for the facts). Made havock of it (eporqoun authn). Customary action again, imperfect of old verb porqew, to lay waste, to sack. In N.T. only here, verse 1 Peter 23 , and Acts 9:31 (used by Christians in Damascus of Saul after his conversion of his former conduct, the very word of Paul here). Paul heard them use it of him and it stuck in his mind.