Galatians 1:18

Then after three years (epeita meta tria eth). A round number to cover the period from his departure from Jerusalem for Damascus to his return to Jerusalem. This stay in Damascus was an important episode in Paul's theological readjustment to his new experience. To visit Cephas (istorhsai Khpan). First aorist infinitive of istorew, old verb (from istwr, one who knows by inquiry), to gain knowledge by visiting. Only here in N.T. If we turn to Acts 9:26-30 , we shall see that the visit of two weeks to Peter came after Barnabas endorsed Paul to the suspicious disciples in Jerusalem and probably while he was preaching in the city. It was a delightful experience, but Peter did not start Paul upon his apostleship. He visited him as an equal. Peter no doubt had much to say to Paul.