Galatians 2:1

Then after the space of fourteen years I went up again (epeita dia dekatessarwn etwn palin anebhn) This use of dia for interval between is common enough. Paul is not giving a recital of his visits to Jerusalem, but of his points of contact with the apostles in Jerusalem. As already observed, he here refers to the Jerusalem Conference given by Luke in Acts 15:1 ff. when Paul and Barnabas were endorsed by the apostles and elders and the church over the protest of the Judaizers who had attacked them in Antioch ( Acts 15:1 ). But Paul passes by another visit to Jerusalem, that in Acts 11:30 when Barnabas and Saul brought alms from Antioch to Jerusalem and delivered them to "the elders" with no mention of the apostles who were probably out of the city since the events in Acts 12:1 ff. apparently preceded that visit and Peter had left for another place ( Acts 12:17 ). Paul here gives the inside view of this private conference in Jerusalem that came in between the two public meetings ( Acts 15:4 Acts 15:6-29 ). With Barnabas (meta Barnaba). As in Acts 15:2 . Taking Titus also with me (sunparalabwn kai Titon). Second aorist active participle of sunparalambanw the very verb used in Acts 15:37 of the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas about Mark. Titus is not mentioned in Acts 15 nor anywhere else in Acts for some reason, possibly because he was Luke's own brother. But his very presence was a challenge to the Judaizers, since he was a Greek Christian.