Galatians 2:13

Dissembled likewise with him (sunupekriqhsan autwi kai). First aorist passive indicative of the double compound verb sunupokrinomai, a late word often in Polybius, only here in N.T. One example in Polybius means to pretend to act a part with. That idea here would help the case of the rest of the Jews, but does not accord with Paul's presentation. Insomuch that even Barnabas (wste kai Barnaba). Actual result expressed by wste and the indicative and kai clearly means "even." Was carried away with their dissimulation (sunaphcqh autwn th upokrisei). First aorist passive indicative of sunapagw, old verb, in N.T. only here and 2 Peter 3:17 . Hupokrisei is in the instrumental case and can only mean hypocrisy in the bad sense ( Matthew 23:28 ), not merely acting a part. It was a solemn moment when Paul saw the Jerusalem victory vanish and even Barnabas desert him as they followed the timid cowardice of Peter. It was Paulus contra mundum in the cause of spiritual freedom in Christ.