Galatians 2:5

No, not for an hour (oude pro wran). Pointed denial that he and Barnabas yielded at all "in the way of subjection" (th upotagh, in the subjection demanded of them). The compromisers pleaded for the circumcision of Titus "because of the false brethren" in order to have peace. The old verb eikw, to yield, occurs here alone in the N.T. See 2 Corinthians 9:13 for upotagh. The truth of the gospel (h alhqeia tou euaggeliou). It was a grave crisis to call for such language. The whole problem of Gentile Christianity was involved in the case of Titus, whether Christianity was to be merely a modified brand of legalistic Judaism or a spiritual religion, the true Judaism (the children of Abraham by faith). The case of Timothy later was utterly different, for he had a Jewish mother and a Greek father. Titus was pure Greek.