Galatians 3:8

Foreseeing (proidousa). Second aorist active participle of prooraw. The Scripture is here personified. Alone in this sense of "sight," but common with legei or eipen (says, said) and really in verse John 22 "hath shut up" (sunekleisen). Would justify (dikaioi). Present active indicative, "does justify." Preached the gospel beforehand (proeuhggelisato). First aorist middle indicative of proeuaggelizomai with augment on a though both pro and eu before it in composition. Only instance in N.T. It occurs in Philo. and Schol. Soph. This Scripture announced beforehand the gospel on this point of justification by faith. He quotes the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 ; Genesis 18:18 , putting panta ta eqnh (all the nations) in Genesis 18:18 for pasai ai pulai (all the tribes) of the earth. It is a crucial passage for Paul's point, showing that the promise to Abraham included all the nations of the earth. The verb eneulogew (future passive here) occurs in the LXX and here only in N.T. (not Acts 3:25 in correct text). In thee (en soi). "As their spiritual progenitor" (Lightfoot).