Galatians 4:15

That gratulation of yourselves (o makarismo umwn). "Your felicitation." Rare word from makarizw, to pronounce happy, in Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch. See also Romans 4:6 Romans 4:9 . You no longer felicitate yourselves on my presence with you. Ye would have plucked out your eves and given them to me (tou opqalmou umwn exoruxante edwkate moi). This is the conclusion of a condition of the second class without an expressed which would have made it clearer. But see John 16:22 John 16:24 ; Romans 7:7 for similar examples where the context makes it plain without an. It is strong language and is saved from hyperbole by "if possible" (ei dunaton). Did Paul not have at this time serious eye trouble?