Galatians 5:4

Ye are severed from Christ (kathrghqhte apo Cristou). First aorist passive of katargew, to make null and void as in Romans 7:2 Romans 7:6 . Who would be justified by the law (oitine en nomwi dikaiousqe). Present passive conative indicative, "ye who are trying to be justified in the law." Ye are fallen away from grace (th carito exepesate). Second aorist active indicative of ekpiptw (with a variable vowel of the first aorist) and followed by the ablative case. "Ye did fall out of grace," "ye left the sphere of grace in Christ and took your stand in the sphere of law" as your hope of salvation. Paul does not mince words and carries the logic to the end of the course. He is not, of course, speaking of occasional sins, but he has in mind a far more serious matter, that of substituting law for Christ as the agent in salvation.