Galatians 6:1

If a man be overtaken (ean kai prolhmpqh anqrwpo). Condition of third class, first aorist passive subjunctive of prolambanw, old verb to take beforehand, to surprise, to detect. Trespass (paraptwmati). Literally, a falling aside, a slip or lapse in the papyri rather than a wilful sin. In Polybius and Diodorus. Koin word. Ye which are spiritual (oi pneumatikoi). See on "1Co 3:1". The spiritually led ( Hebrews 5:18 ), the spiritual experts in mending souls. Restore (katartizete). Present active imperative of katartizw, the very word used in Matthew 4:21 of mending nets, old word to make artio, fit, to equip thoroughly. Looking to thyself (skopwn seauton). Keeping an eye on as in 2 Corinthians 4:18 like a runner on the goal. Lest thou also be tempted (mh kai su peirasqh). Negative purpose with first aorist passive subjunctive. Spiritual experts (preachers in particular) need this caution. Satan loves a shining mark.