Galatians 6:12

To make a fair show (euproswphsai). First aorist active infinitive of euproswpew, late verb from euproswpo, fair of face (eu, proswpon). Here only in N.T., but one example in papyri (Tebt. I. 19 12 B.C. 114) which shows what may happen to any of our N.T. words not yet found elsewhere. It is in Chrysostom and later writers. They compel (anagkazousin). Conative present active indicative, "they try to compel." For the cross of Christ (twi staurwi tou Cristou). Instrumental case (causal use, Robertson, Grammar, p. 532). Cf. 2 Corinthians 2:13 . "For professing the cross of Christ" (Lightfoot).