Hebrews 1:7

Of the angels (pro tou aggelou). "With reference to" (pro) as in Luke 20:9 . So "of the Son" in verse Hebrews 1:8 . Note men here and de in verse Hebrews 8 in carefully balanced contrast. The quotation is from Psalms 104:4 . Winds (pneumata). "Spirits" the word also means. The meaning (note article with aggelou, not with pneumata) apparently is one that can reduce angels to the elemental forces of wind and fire (Moffatt). A flame of fire (puro ploga). Predicate accusative of plox, old word, in N.T. only here and Luke 16:24 . Lunemann holds that the Hebrew here is wrongly rendered and means that God makes the wind his messengers (not angels) and flaming fire his servants. That is all true, but that is not the point of this passage. Preachers also are sometimes like a wind-storm or a fire.