Hebrews 10:1

Shadow (skian). The contrast here between skia (shadow, shade caused by interruption of light as by trees, Mark 4:32 ) and eikwn (image or picture) is striking. Christ is the eikwn of God ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ; Colossians 1:15 ). In Colossians 2:17 Paul draws a distinction between skia for the Jewish rites and ceremonies and swma for the reality in Christ. Children are fond of shadow pictures. The law gives only a dim outline of the good things to come ( Colossians 9:11 ). Continually (ei to dihneke). See this phrase also in Colossians 7:3 ; Colossians 9:12 Colossians 9:14 . Nowhere else in N.T. From dihnegka (diaperw), to bear through. They can (dunantai). This reading leaves o nomo a nominativus pendens (an anacoluthon). But many MSS. read dunatai (it--the law--can). For the idea and use of teleiwsai see Colossians 9:9 .