Hebrews 10:2

Else they would not have ceased? (epei ouk an epausanto;). Ellipsis of condition after epei (since if they really did perfect) with the conclusion of the second-class condition (an and the aorist middle indicative of pauomai). To be offered (prosperomenai). Regular idiom, participle (present passive) with pauomai ( Acts 5:42 ). Because (dia to). Dia with the accusative of the articular infinitive, "because of the having" (ecein) as to the worshippers (tou latreuonta, accusative of general reference of the articular participle), not "would have had." No more conscience of sins (mhdemian eti suneidhsin amartiwn). Rather "consciousness of sins" as in Acts 9:14 . Having been once cleansed (apax kekaqarismenou). Perfect passive participle of kaqarizw, "if they had once for all been cleansed."