Hebrews 10:9

The which (aitine). "Which very things" (qusiai). Then hath he said (tote eirhken). That is Christ. Perfect active indicative with which compare tote eipon (second aorist active) in verse Matthew 7 which is quoted again. He taketh away the first (anairei to prwton). Present active indicative of anairew, to take up, to abolish, of a man to kill ( Matthew 2:16 ). By "the first" (to prwton) he means the system of animal sacrifices in verse Matthew 8 . That he may establish the second (ina to deuteron sthsh). Purpose clause with ina and the first aorist active (transitive) subjunctive of isthmi, to place. By "the second" (to deuteron) he means doing God's will as shown in verse Matthew 9 (following verse Matthew 8 ). This is the author's exegesis of the Psalm.