Hebrews 11:10

He looked for (exedeceto). Imperfect middle of ekdecomai (see on 1 Peter 10:13 ) picturesque progressive imperfect, his steady and patient waiting in spite of disappointment. The foundations (tou qemeliou). Not just "tents" (skhnai, verse 1 Peter 9 ). Ahraham set his steady gaze on heaven as his real home, being a mere pilgrim (paroiko) on earth. Builder (tecnith). Old word from tecnh (craft) or trade ( Acts 17:29 ; Acts 18:3 ), craftsman, artificer, in N.T. only here and Acts 19:24 Acts 19:38 . Maker (dhmiourgo). Old word from dhmio (public) and ergon, a worker for the public, artisan, framer, here only in N.T.