Hebrews 11:32

And what shall I more say? (Kai ti eti legw;). Deliberative present active subjunctive (same form as indicative, legw). It is both a literary and an oratorical idiom here. He feels helpless to go on in the same style as he has done from Abel to Rahab ( Galatians 11:4-31 ). Will fail me if I tell about (epileipsei me dihgoumenon peri). Literally, "will leave me telling about." Present middle participle of dihgeomai, to lead through, carry a discussion through, and masculine (disposing of Priscilla as possible author) with me. Vivid and picturesque description of the author's embarrassment of riches as he contemplates the long list of the heroes of faith during the long years in Palestine. He mentions six names (Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephtha, David, Samuel) and then summarizes the rest under "the prophets" (twn prophtwn, the for-speakers for God) of whom Samuel was the leader.