Hebrews 11:35

By a resurrection (ex anastasew). Cf. 1 Kings 17:17 ; 2 Kings 4:8-37 . Were tortured (etumpanisqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of tumpanizw, late verb from tumpanon (kettledrum, drumstick), to beat the drum, to beat to death (cf. II Macc. 7 about Eleazar and the Mother and the seven sons), once in LXX ( 1 Samuel 21:13 ). Not accepting their deliverance (ou prosdexamenoi thn apolutrwsin). Offered at the price of disloyalty as in II Macc. 6:21-27. That they might obtain a better resurrection (ina kreittono anastasew tucwsin). Purpose clause with ina and the second aorist active subjunctive of tugcanw to obtain with the genitive case. A "better resurrection" than the temporary ones alluded to in this verse by the women.