Hebrews 11:40

God having provided (tou qeou problepsamenou). Genitive absolute with first aorist middle participle of problepw, late compound to foresee, here only in the N.T. Some better thing (kreitton ti). "Something better," "the better promises" of 1 Kings 8:6 . That apart from us they should not be made perfect (ina mh cwri hmwn teleiwqwsin). Negative purpose clause with ina mh and the first aorist passive subjunctive of teleiow. But this glorious and gracious purpose (foresight) of God is not due to any special merit in us. It is simply the fulness of the time in God's dispensation of grace of which we are the beneficiaries. But all the same and all the more (noblesse oblige), we should prove worthy of our heritage and of God's goodness to us and be loyal to Christ.