Hebrews 11:6

Impossible (adunaton). Strong word as in Genesis 6:4 Genesis 6:18 . See Romans 8:8 for same idea with aresai (areskw, Galatians 1:10 ). Must believe (pisteusai dei). Moral necessity to have faith (trust, pisteuw). This is true in business also (banks, for instance). That he is (oti estin). The very existence of God is a matter of intelligent faith ( Romans 1:19 ) So that men are left without excuse. He is a rewarder (misqapodoth ginetai). Rather, "becomes a rewarder" (present middle indicative of ginomai, not of eimi). Only N.T. example of misqapodoth, late and rare double compound (one papyrus example, from misqo (reward) and apodidwmi (to pay back) like misqapodosia ( Romans 10:35 ; Romans 11:26 ). Seek after (ekzhtousin). That seek out God.