Hebrews 12:5

Ye have forgotten (eklelhsqe). Perfect middle indicative of eklanqanw, to cause to forget, old verb, here only in the N.T. with genitive case as usual. Reasoneth with you (umin dialegetai). Present middle indicative of dialegomai, old verb to ponder different (dia-) things, to converse, with dative. Cf. Acts 19:8 . The quotation is from Proverbs 3:11 . Regard not lightly (mh oligwrei). Prohibition with mh and the present active imperative of oligwrew, old verb from oligwro and this from oligo (little) and wra (hour), old verb, here only in N.T. Chastening (paideia). Old word from paideuw, to train a child (pai), instruction ( 2 Timothy 3:16 ), which naturally includes correction and punishment as here. See also Ephesians 6:4 . Nor faint (mhde ekluou). Prohibition with mh and present passive imperative of ekluw (see verse Ephesians 3 ).