Hebrews 13:17

Obey (peiqesqe). Present middle imperative of peiqw with dative case. Submit (upeikete). Present active imperative of upeikw, old compound to yield under, to give up. Here only in N.T. They watch (agrupnousin). Present active indicative of agrupnew old verb (from agrew, to search, upno, sleep), to seek after sleep, to be sleepless, be watchful ( Mark 13:33 ). As they that shall give account (w logon apodwsonte). Regular Greek idiom with w and the future participle. For logon apodidwmi, to render account, see Matthew 12:36 . These leaders as good shepherds recognize keenly their responsibility for the welfare of the flock. And not with grief (kai mh stenazonte). "And not groaning" (cf. Romans 8:23 ). Unprofitable (alusitele). Old double compound adjective (alpha privative and lusitelh and this from luw, to pay, and telo, tax, useful or profitable as Luke 17:2 ), not profitable, not advantageous, by litotes, hurtful, pernicious. Common rhetorical litotes, here only in N.T.