Hebrews 13:22

Bear with (anecesqe). Present middle imperative (some MSS. have anecesqai, infinitive) of anecw with the ablative, "hold yourselves back from" as in Colossians 3:13 . The word of exhortation (tou logou th paraklhsew). His description of the entire Epistle. It certainly is that, a powerful appeal in fact. I have written (epesteila). First aorist active indicative (epistolary aorist) of epistellw, old word to send a letter (epistolh) as in Acts 15:20 . In few words (dia bracewn). Common Greek idiom, here only in N.T. (from bracu, brief, short). Cf. di oligwn egrapsa in 1 Peter 5:12 .