Hebrews 2:11

He that sanctifieth (o agiazwn). Present active articular participle of agiazw. Jesus is the sanctifier ( Romans 9:13 ; Romans 13:12 ). They that are sanctified (oi agiazomenoi). Present passive articular participle of agiazw. It is a process here as in Romans 10:14 , not a single act, though in Romans 10:10 the perfect passive indicative presents a completed state. Of one (ex eno). Referring to God as the Father of Jesus and of the "many sons" above (verse Romans 10 ) and in harmony with verse Romans 14 below. Even before the incarnation Jesus had a kinship with men though we are not sons in the full sense that he is. He is not ashamed (ouk epaiscunetai). Present passive indicative of epaiscunomai, old compound ( Romans 1:16 ). Because of the common Father Jesus is not ashamed to own us as "brothers" (adelpou), unworthy sons though we be.