Hebrews 2:15

And might deliver (kai apallaxh). Further purpose with the first aorist active subjunctive of appallassw, old verb to change from, to set free from, in N.T. only here, Luke 12:58 ; Acts 19:12 . Through fear of death (pobwi qanatou). Instrumental case of pobo. The ancients had great fear of death though the philosophers like Seneca argued against it. There is today a flippant attitude towards death with denial of the future life and rejection of God. But the author of Hebrews saw judgement after death ( Acts 9:27 ). Hence our need of Christ to break the power of sin and Satan in death. All their lifetime (dia panto tou zhn). Present active infinitive with pa and the article in the genitive case with dia, "through all the living." Subject to bondage (enocoi douleia). Old adjective from enecw, "held in," "bound to," with genitive, bond-slaves of fear, a graphic picture. Jesus has the keys of life and death and said: "I am the life." Thank God for that.