Hebrews 2:8

In that he subjected (en twi upotaxai). First aorist active articular infinitive of upatassw in the locative case, "in the subjecting." He left (aphken). First aorist active indicative (kappa aorist) of apihmi. Nothing that is not subject to him (ouden autwi anupotakton). Later verbal of upotassw with a privative. Here in passive sense, active sense in 1 Timothy 1:9 . Man's sovereignty was meant to be all-inclusive including the administration of "the world to come." "He is crowned king of nature, invested with a divine authority over creation" (Moffatt). But how far short of this destiny has man come! But now we see not yet (nun de oupw orwmen). Not even today in the wonderful twentieth century with man's triumphs over nature has he reached that goal, wonderful as are the researches by the help of telescope and microscope, the mechanism of the airplane, the submarine, steam, electricity, radio.