Hebrews 3:13

So long as it is called today (acri ou to shmeron kaleitai). The only instance in the N.T. of this conjunction (acri or acri or acri ou, etc.) with the present indicative in the sense of "so long as" or "while" like ew. Elsewhere it means "until" and with either the aorist indicative ( Acts 7:18 ), the future ( Revelation 17:17 ), or the aorist subjunctive ( Revelation 7:3 ). Lest any one of you be hardened (ina mh sklhrunqh ti ex umwn). Negative purpose clause with ina mh (that not) and the first aorist passive subjunctive of sklhrunw, the vivid verb from verse Revelation 8 . By the deceitfulness of sin (apath th amartia). Instrumental case apath (trick, fraud) as is always the case with sin ( Romans 7:11 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:10 ). Apostasy ( Hebrews 12:4 ) is their peril and it is a trick of sin.