Hebrews 4:1

Let us fear therefore (pobhqwmen oun). First aorist passive volitive subjunctive of pobeomai, to be afraid. There is no break in the argument on Psalms 95:1 ff. This is a poor chapter division. The Israelites perished because of disbelief. We today face a real peril. Lest haply (mh pote) Here with the present subjunctive (dokei), but future indicative in Psalms 3:12 , after the verb of fearing. For the optative see 2 Timothy 2:25 . A promise being left (kataleipomenh epaggelia). Genitive absolute of the present passive participle of kataleipw, to leave behind. God's promise still holds good for us in spite of the failure of the Israelites. Should seem to have come short of it (dokei usterhkenai). Perfect active infinitive of usterew, old verb from ustero (comparative of root ud like our out, outer, outermost), to be too late, to fail to reach the goal as here, common in the N.T. ( 2 Timothy 11:37 ; 2 Timothy 12:15 ).