Hebrews 4:13

That is not manifest (apanh). Old adjective (a privative and painw, to show), here only in the N.T. God's microscope can lay bare the smallest microbe of doubt and sin. Naked (gumna). Both soul and body are naked to the eye of God. Laid open (tetrachlismena). Perfect passive participle of trachlizw, late verb to bend back the neck (trachlo, Matthew 18:6 ) as the surgeon does for operating, here only in N.T. See Romans 16:4 for the peril of risking one's neck (trachlon upotiqenai). God's eyes see all the facts in our inmost hearts. There are no mental reservations from God. With whom we have to do (pro on hmin o logo). "With whom the matter or account for us is." There is a slight play here on logo of verse Romans 12 . Surely every servant of Christ today needs to gaze into this revealing mirror and be honest with himself and God.