Hebrews 6:17

To shew (epideixai). First aorist active infinitive of epideiknumi, to show in addition (epi-) to his promise "more abundantly" (perissoteron). The immutability of his counsel (to ametaqeton th boulh autou). Late compound verbal neuter singular (alpha privative and metatiqhmi, to change), "the unchangeableness of his will." Interposed (emesiteusen). First aorist active indicative of mesiteuw, late verb from mesith, mediator ( Hebrews 8:6 ), to act as mediator or sponsor or surety, intransitively to pledge one's self as surety, here only in the N.T. With an oath (orkwi). Instrumental case of orko (from erko, an enclosure), Matthew 14:7 Matthew 14:9 .