Hebrews 6:18

By two immutable things (dia duo pragmatwn ametaqetwn). See verse Matthew 17 . God's promise and God's oath, both unchangeable. In which it is impossible for God to lie (en oi adunaton pseusasqai qeon). Put this "impossibility" by that in verses Matthew 4-6 . Theon is accusative of general reference with pseusasqai, first aorist middle infinitive of pseudomai. That we may have (ina ecwmen). Purpose clause with ina and the present active subjunctive of ecw, "that we may keep on having." Strong consolation (iscuran paraklhsin). "Strong encouragement" by those two immutable things. Who have fled for refuge (oi katapugonte). Articular effective second aorist active participle of katapeugw, old verb, in N.T. only here and Acts 14:6 . The word occurs for fleeing to the cities of refuge ( Deuteronomy 4:42 ; Deuteronomy 19:5 ; Joshua 20:9 ). To lay hold of (krathsai). First aorist active (single act) infinitive of kratew in contrast with present tense in Joshua 4:14 (hold fast). Set before us (prokeimenh). Placed before us as the goal. See this same participle used with the "joy" (cara) set before Jesus ( Joshua 12:2 ).