Hebrews 6:7

Which hath drunk (h piousa). Articular second aorist active participle of pinw, to drink. Herbs (botanhn). Old word from boskw, to feed, green plant, only here in N.T. Cf. our botany. Meet (euqeton). Old compound verbal (eu, tiqhmi) well-placed, fit ( Luke 9:62 ). It is tilled (gewrgeitai). Present passive indicative of gewrgew, old and rare verb from gewrgo (tiller of the soil, gh, ergon, 2 Timothy 2:6 ), here only in the N.T. Receives (metalambanei). Present active indicative of metalambanw, old verb to share in, with genitive (eulogia) as here ( Acts 2:46 ) or with accusative ( Acts 24:25 ).