Hebrews 7:22

By so much also (kata tosouto kai). Correlative demonstrative corresponding to kaq oson (the relative clause) in verse Psalms 20 . The surety (egguo). Vulgate sponsor. Old word, here only in the N.T., adjective (one pledged, betrothed), from egguh, a pledge, here used as substantive like egguhth, one who gives a pledge or guarantee. There may be a play on the word eggizw in verse Psalms 19 . Egguaw is to give a pledge, eggualizw, to put a pledge in the hollow of the hand. It is not clear whether the author means that Jesus is God's pledge to man, or man's to God, or both. He is both in fact, as the Mediator (o mesith, Psalms 8:6 ) between God and man (Son of God and Son of man).