Hebrews 7:26

Became us (hmin eprepen). Imperfect active indicative of prepw as in Romans 2:10 , only there it was applied to God while here to us. "Such" (toiouto) refers to the Melchizedek character of Jesus as high priest and in particular to his power to help and save ( Romans 2:17 ) as just explained in Romans 7:24 Moffatt notes that "it is generally misleading to parse a rhapsody" but the adjectives that follow picture in outline the qualities of the high priest needed by us. Holy (osio). Saintly, pious, as already noted. Cf. Acts 2:24 ; Acts 13:35 . Guileless (akako). Without malice, innocent. In N.T. only here and Romans 16:18 . Undefiled (amianto). Untainted, stainless. In the papyri. Not merely ritual purity ( Leviticus 21:10-15 ), but real ethical cleanness. Separated from sinners (kecwrismeno apo twn amartwlwn). Perfect passive participle. Probably referring to Christ's exaltation ( Leviticus 9:28 ). Made higher than the heavens (upshlotero twn ouranwn genomeno). "Having become higher than the heavens." Ablative case (ouranwn) after the comparative adjective (upshlotero).