Hebrews 7:6

He whose genealogy is not counted (o mh genealogoumeno). Articular participle with negative mh (usual with participles) of the old verb genealogew trace ancestry (cf. verse Luke 3 ) Hath taken tithes (dedekatwken). Perfect active indicative of dekatow, standing on record in Genesis. Hath blessed (euloghken). Perfect active indicative of eulogew, likewise standing on record. Note the frequent perfect tenses in Hebrews. Him that hath the promises (ton econta ta epaggelia). Cf. Luke 6:12 Luke 6:13-15 for allusion to the repeated promises to Abraham ( Genesis 12:3 Genesis 12:7 ; Genesis 13:14 ; Genesis 15:5 ; Genesis 17:5 ; Genesis 22:16-18 ).