Hebrews 8:10

This (auth). The "new" one of verse Hebrews 8 . That I will make (hn diaqhsomai). Future middle of diatiqhmi, "that I will covenant," cognate accusative (hn), using the same root in the verb as in diaqhkh. I will put (didou). "Giving," present active participle of didwmi, to give. Into their mind (ei thn dianoian autwn). Their intellect, their moral understanding, all the intellect as in Aristotle ( Colossians 1:21 ; Ephesians 4:18 ). On their heart (epi kardia autwn). Either genitive singular or accusative plural. Kardia is the seat of man's personal life (Westcott), the two terms covering the whole of man's inward nature. A god (ei qeon). Note the Hebraistic use of ei in the predicate instead of the usual nominative qeo as in "a people" (ei laon). This was the ideal of the old covenant ( Exodus 6:7 ), now at last to be a fact.