Hebrews 8:9

In the day that I took them (en hmerai epilabomenou mou). Genitive absolute (mou and second aorist middle participle of epilambanw), "a Hellenistic innovation" (Moffatt) in imitation of the Hebrew after hmerai in place of en h epelabomen, occurring also in Barn. 2:28. By the hand (th ceiro). Technical use of the genitive of the part affected. To lead them forth (exagagein autou). Second aorist active infinitive of exagw to denote purpose. For they continued not (oti autoi ouk enemeinan). First aorist active indicative of emmenw, old verb to remain in ( Hebrews 14:22 ). The Israelites broke the covenant. Then God annulled it. I regarded not (hmelhsa). "I neglected" as in Hebrews 2:3 . The covenant was void when they broke it.