Hebrews 8:2

Minister (leitourgo). See on Romans 13:6 ; Philippians 2:25 . Of the sanctuary (twn agiwn). "Of the holy places" (ta agia), without any distinction (like Philippians 9:8 ; Philippians 10:19 ; Philippians 13:11 ) between the holy place and the most holy place as in Philippians 9:2 . Of the true tabernacle (th skhnh th alhqinh). By way of explanation of twn agiwn. For skhnh see Matthew 17:4 and skhno ( 2 Corinthians 5:1 ), old word used here for the antitype or archetype of the tabernacle in the wilderness in which Aaron served, the ideal tabernacle in heaven of which the earthly tabernacle was a symbol and reproduced in the temple which merely copied the tabernacle. Hence it is the "genuine" tabernacle and see John 1:9 for alhqino. Pitched (ephxen). First aorist active indicative of phgnumi, old verb to fasten as the pegs of a tent, here only in the N.T. Cf. Numbers 24:6 .