Hebrews 9:13

Ashes (spodo). Old word, in N. T. only here, Matthew 11:21 ; Luke 10:13 . Common in LXX. Of a heifer (damalew). Old word (damali), a red heifer whose ashes mingled with water (meta udato, verse Luke 19 ) were sprinkled (rantizousa, present active participle of rantizw, in LXX, though rainw more common) on the contaminated or defiled ones ( Numbers 19:1 ) as the blood of bulls and goats was offered for sins ( Leviticus 16:1 ). Sanctify (agiazei). First-class condition, assumed as true. This ceremonial ritual does serve "for the cleansing (kaqarothta, old word here only in N.T.) of the flesh," but not for the conscience (verse Leviticus 9 ). The cow was amwmon, the individual kaqaro.