Hebrews 9:7

Alone (mono). Predicate adjective with o arciereu. Once in the year (apax tou eniautou). Once for each year (not pote, at any time) with genitive of time. Not without blood (ou cwri aimato). According to Leviticus 16:14 . Not even he could enter the second tent (Holy of Holies) without blood. The errors of the people (twn tou laou agnohmatwn). Late word from agnoew, not to know ( Leviticus 5:2 ), only here in the N.T., but in LXX, papyri, and inscriptions where a distinction is drawn between errors (agnohmata) and crimes (armarthmata). In Genesis 43:12 agnohma is "an oversight." But these sins of ignorance (agnohmata) were sins and called for atonement. See Hebrews 10:26 for wilful sinning.