Hebrews 9:2

A tabernacle the first (skhnh h prwth). See Hebrews 8:2 for skhnh. Large tents usually had two divisions (the outer and the inner or the first and the second). Note prwth for the first of two as with the first covenant ( Hebrews 8:7 Hebrews 8:13 ; Hebrews 9:1 ). The large outer tent was entered first and was called Hagia (Holy), the first division of the tabernacle. The two divisions are here termed two tabernacles. Was prepared (kateskeuasqh). First aorist passive of kataskeuazw. See Hebrews 3:3 . For the furniture see Exodus 25:1 ; Exodus 26:1 ff. Three items are named here: the candlestick (h lucnia, late word for lucnion) or lampstand, necessary since there were no windows ( Exodus 25:31-39 ); the table (h trapeza, old word, Matthew 15:27 ) for the bread ( Exodus 25:23-30 ; Leviticus 24:6 of pure gold); the shewbread (h proqesi twn artwn) as in Exodus 25:30 ; Exodus 40:23 ; Leviticus 24:5-9 . Probably a hendiadys for the table with the loaves of God's Presence.