Hebrews 9:1

Even the first covenant (kai h prwth). Kai (even) is doubtful. No word for covenant with prwte (cf. Matthew 8:7 ). Had (eice). Imperfect active, used to have. Ordinances (dikaiwmata). Regulations (from dikaiow) as in Luke 1:6 ; Romans 5:16 . Of divine service (latreia). No word for "divine," though worship is meant as in Romans 9:4 ; Philippians 3:3 . Genitive case. And its sanctuary, a sanctuary of this world (to te agion kosmikon). By to agion the author describes the whole sanctuary ( Exodus 36:3 ; Numbers 3:38 ) like twn agiwn in Hebrews 8:2 . Kosmikon is a late adjective (Aristotle, Plutarch) from kosmo, relating to this world, like epi gh (upon earth) of Hebrews 8:4 . It is in the predicate position, not attributive.