James 1:22

But be ye (ginesqe de). Rather, "But keep on becoming" (present middle imperative of ginomai). Doers of the word (poihtai logou). Old word for agent (-th) from poiew to do as in Romans 4:11 ; Romans 2:13 , but in Acts 17:28 our "poet" (long regarded as a "doer" or "maker"). Hearers (akroatai). Old word for agent again from akroamai (to be a hearer), in N.T. only here and Romans 2:13 . Deluding yourselves (paralogizomenoi eautou). Present middle (direct) participle of paralogizomai, to reckon aside (para) and so wrong, to cheat, to deceive. Redundant reflexive eautou with the middle. In N.T. only here and Colossians 2:4 . Such a man does not delude anyone but himself.